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Time: Thursday at 11 pm CST and Sunday at 10 am CST


In a clearing session we will be tapping into energy blocks that may be found in, on or around the body. An energy block can be anything from a heavy emotion (anger, fear, etc.) to a subconscious belief to a childhood trauma and everything in between. These energy blocks are stopping the energy of the things that you want to come into your life, they are like rocks that are keeping your door closed and obstructing you from opening up to the things you want and desire in your life.

These clearing sessions can help you release blocks that are blocking you from earning more money, improving your finances, increasing your business, upgrading your health or relationships or increasing your self love and confidence. Every block cleared can bring massive change to your life, you just have to be open and ready to clear them and replace the energy with a higher emotion.

Each session I will be focused on a specific block and assist you by teaching you different tools, techniques you can use to sense them and clear them.

When you purchase a session for $25 you will able to join the second one for free. You will also receive bonus materials and a recording of the session.

If you have questions don't hesitate to ask, email me at awakenwithsam@gmail.com

To see more of my services click HERE: samantharodriguezblog.com/services

Things to remember:

Be in a comfortable space and position where you are not easily distracted or interrupted

Bring a pen and paper to write notes

Bring water to stay hydrated

Bring an open mind

Here is my weekly schedule:

Time: Thursday at 11 pm CST and Sunday at 10 am CST

See you soon!





Intuitive, Energy Healer and Life Coach here to help others awaken.

Join me each Monday for a Manifestation Meditation to help you attract your desires.

Check out my services at samantharodriguezblog.com/services